Tele Handler (P34.7)

Product Description

Barossa Valley Hire Merlo P34.7 is ideal for your project with a lifting capacity of 3.4t and a reach of 7 meters its

ideal for any Job!

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Product Details
Manufacturer Merlo
Model P 34.7
Model Series 01
Power Source Diesel
Operating Limits
Maximum Rated Capacity (kg) 3400
Maximum Lift Height at Forks (m) 7.0
Rated Capacity at Maximum Lift Height (kg) 3400
Forward Reach at Maximum Lift Height (m) 0.50
Maximum Forward Reach (m) 3.65
Rated Capacity at Maximum Forward Reach (kg) 1350
Fork Tilt Upper (deg) Not Available
Fork Tilt Lower (deg) Not Available
Maximum Drive Speed Stowed (km/h) 40
Wind Speed Rating (km/h) 36
Operating Environments
Frame Levelling +/- (deg) Not Available
Pick and Carry (Travelling) Maximum Side Slope (deg) 6
Pick and Carry (Travelling) Maximum Decline Slope (deg) 7
Pick and Carry (Travelling) Maximum Incline Slope (deg) 18
Lifting (Stationary) Maximum Side Slope (deg) 3
Lifting (Stationary) Maximum Decline Slope (deg) 3
Lifting (Stationary) Maximum Incline Slope (deg) 5
Sound Pressure in Cabin (dBA) Not Available
Sound Power Level (dB) Not Available
Minimum Operating Temperature (C) Not Available
Maximum Operating Temperature (C) Not Available
Height Stowed (m) 2.475
Width Stowed (m) 2.230
Track (m) Not Available
Width with Stabilisers Down (m) Not Available
Cabin Width (m) 0.995
Wheelbase Axle to Axle (m) 2.700
Length from Rear to Front Wheels (m) 3.865
Length from Rear to Front of Carriage (m) 4.180
Outside Turning Radius at Tip of Forks (m) 4.670
Outside Turning Radius (m) 3.985
Ground Clearance (m) 0.565
Angle⁰ of Approach Not Available
Angle⁰ of Departure Not Available
Fork Size (L – W – H) 130 x 50 x 1200
Minimum Space Between Forks (m) 0.450
Gap Between Forks Maximum (m) 1.050
Unit Weight (kg) 6600
Safety Features
Maximum Load Capacity Limiter Yes
Load Moment Indicator (LMI) Yes
Load Management System (LMS) Yes
Adaptive Load Control to EN15000 Optional
Reverse Camera Yes
ROPS Certified Cabin Yes
FOPS Certified Cabin Yes
Front Windscreen Protection Guard Yes
Rotating Beacon Yes
Horn Yes
Alarm Reverse Warning Standard